Unit 14 12 Hagley Park Road
Kingston 10, W.I
Tel: 876-613-6872

Let Shift Ads put your business in the right direction
Our vision at Shift Ads is to build an overwhelming world class advertising agency that will dominate the local and International advertising market.
Shift ads Agency is a world class advertising agency that will be located in Kingston Jamaica. We understand that the primary objective of advertising is to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer, and we believe we have what it takes to compete in the highly competitive advertising industry.
We plan to offer huge advertising services to both corporate organization and individuals. We at Shift Ads believe that our main service will revolve around Taxi Top advertisements, with other advertising strategies we hope to offer to our clients.
Shift Ads have the goal of becoming a major stakeholder in the advertisement industry in Jamaica. We believe it is a reachable goal with the way we plan to do things and our mind set. We have ensured that all the members of our workforce will be going through standard trainings which will make them ready and ever innovative to overcome all hurdles pit to them.
Shift Ads will be offering our customers the best methods and tools in planning and implementing a successful taxi top advertisement.  We believe that our services will cut through the mumbo jumbo of mass marketing, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction with our clients businesses.
We believe that we will be very calm to understand what our clients' needs and immediately drive home the right message to the right people.  We hope to exceed our customers' expectations in the advertisement industry. We also plan to design, build, test and deploy adequate strategies that will boost our clients business and make them achieve their various aims.
Shift Ads have already stressed will offer taxi top advertisements to our clients. The owners of Shift Ads Agency, Sean Sinclair, Jason McIntosh and Dianna Goodall have over twelve years of experience in the Advertising and marketing industry between them.
The service includes the following:

Advertisement designing

Personalization and targeting

Campaign list management

Building deployment system

Testing the plan

Implementing the strategies

Tracking the campaign's progress in real-time

Instant measurability for ROI analysis

Post-campaign analysis

Other related media and advertising advisory and consulting services
Our Mission Statement
Our mission at Shift Ads Agency is to give professional and highly creative result oriented advertising services and other related advisory and consulting services that will aid businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations in building their brands and reaching out to a large range of potential customers all over the country. We plan to establish an advertising agency that will be a major stockholder in the entire market.